Monday, November 3, 2008

First Post

The day before the election, I launch my blog. Big deal. This is an attempt to fill one of the many voids in my life, in this case the one created by the fact that I haven't had a venue for my column for the past few months. So this is basically an-ego driven effort. What isn't?

Here are the questions: How do you get people to read a blog? I suppose word of mouth, or shotgun an email to all the people I know. Boy, they'll enjoy that. And do I blog daily, watering down the quality and content, or weekly, risking the chance of people not getting into the habit of checking in? Plus, I'm only allowed 500 words--I'm used to 700 to 800. I used to drive our designer, Carla Resnick, crazy at The Chico Beat, making her squeeze too many words into the available space. Carla has a blog, by the way--she showed me how to set up this one. I forget what her blog is named, but I'll find out and list it to help drive the three people who read this one--Carla, Josh Indar and my son Dugan--to her blog.

I'm listening to the radio and hear that people are praying that McCain gets elected. This brings up the question: Is God a Republican? I think he may be. Either that or Libertarian. Maybe He's a Green party member. Or maybe He is non-partisan. I suppose that is what we should expect.

OK, I'm probably out of words now. One political prediction: Obama in a landslide.

This just in: Carla's blog is Permaculture in N. California.

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